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Welcome to the prestigious world of London Nails Excellence



Our most important instruments, a means of self expression, accompanied by speech and tactile connection with the world. But not only this, our hands communicate personality and soul, they are symbols of beauty and protagonists of body language. Hands speak to us and for us, they communicate who we are, how we feel and how we present ourselves.


An International brand that sets the rules of excellence. We represent key qualities found in the British capital: inspiration, research and ambition, for a glamorous and fashionable mood. London Nails Excellence combines the latest British trends, the innovation of professional high quality products made in the USA and typically Italian style and class. Quality and immediate results without compromise: the future is here and now.


Details make perfection, but perfection is not only a detail
Leonardo Da Vinci
When talent meets opportunity

“I’m looking for a fashionable product to colour and decorate my nails and those of my friends. I want to be able to choose from a wide range of colours to match the look of my hands with what I wear, with different occasions and seasons.”

(Chiara, 16 years old)


I am looking for a complete line of professional products with fast application and drying times which guarantee the highest durability and client satisfaction. I want to keep up to date with both the latest technical and fashion trends.

(Giovanna, qualified beautician)


I want to invest in my passion and become my own boss. This is why I’m looking for a training course which is tailored to my needs that gives me the opportunity to satisfy my clients in a professional way and to prove my skills.

(Federica, businesswoman)


I am looking for a safe area to invest in and a solid and reliable partner who can offer a full service and support strategy. Someone to work closely with, from the choice of location to interior design, from stock selection to management and long-term support.

(Ettore, Franchise investor)


A team of professionals always by your side


We are always here to help


Come and discover the most complete line of products: gel, acrylic, advanced soak-off and accessories.


Choose from over 30 professional-technical group / individual / personalised training courses.


Turn your passion into a rewarding job. We offer support for your determination and your projects.


Invest in an opportunity for success: franchising, partnerships, corner.



The artist’s tools

A preview



"The road to success is ahead of you."


Your future

A world of opportunities

UNIPRO (Italian Union of Cosmetic Businesses): “The analysis of the sector confirms this: the Nail sector is growing. This Steady growth lets us say that this area will give a major boost to economic recovery”.


London Nails Practice Excellence

Choose a training method based on the innovative London Nails method “Practice Excellence” which means quickly reaching a high all-round, efficient level of preparation, aimed at achieving the best working methods.

The training team

The highly qualified London Nails Excellence teachers draw from a high level of training and experience acquired at home and abroad. They also carry out daily research and testing of products and techniques in order to offer students and clients all-round professionalism.


A modern and comfortable environment

welcoming environments with a bright, hospitable atmosphere equipped with every comfort. Our facilities – unique in the field – are home to nail technician, Master’s and business training courses.


Easy, exciting, rewarding.


Love what you do, do what you love

More and more people are entering the world of Nails, taking a passion and turning it into a source of income.

In Italy the nail industry is experiencing great success. The number of nail technicians and nail centres is increasing as more and more women require care treatments. In Italy there are currently 1,100 centres specialising in the care of the nails and 10,000 beauty salons offering manicures and nail enhancements. (Data from Unipro)

You can offer your professional knowledge to beauty salons which require highly specialised consultancy on trends or become your own boss.

Thanks to “Master Salon” specialisation paths you can gain a wide range of professional experience working in a nail centre while updating and expanding your technical knowledge and nail art skills.

Increase what you can offer your regular clients and reach new clients by updating your technical knowledge and providing nail enhancements and nail art services at the highest level.

The training course “Master Educator” has been created by London Nails Excellence specifically for nail technicians who would like to become internationally recognised qualified teachers.





Fast and profitable

One of the features that distinguishes London Nails Excellence from other brands is that it does not “seek” distributors but “selects” them in order to offer a winning tried and tested formula: a brand of international fame and success, a solid and well structured organisation and a constant support.

Franchise centres for nail care are relatively recent, but grow at a higher rate than beauty salons. Beauty sector franchises have a turnover of more than 363 million Euros, and is in 15th place in turnover rankings of Italian franchise sectors. (Source: Assofranchising Report 2011)

Join the London Nails Excellence franchising project, an example of the most innovative and profitable development. You can count on the organizational support and the competence of a solid and reliable partner.

Become part of a dynamic and innovative sales network. Offer your customers a complete line of cutting-edge products and training courses of a high standard.

Request the bright exclusively designed product display and bring the image and elegance of London Excellence Nails to your business.





London Nails Excellence Franchise Bari is the first centre in the South of Italy for nail enhancements and natural nail care. An business that has been able to seize a real opportunity, focusing on quality without compromise.

London Nails Excellence Franchise Bari has distinguished itself since its opening for its wide range and quality of London Nails Excellence products and for the professionalism and competence of the staff and their up-to-date knowledge who are always ready to suggest the best solutions for every need.



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